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Hikaru – Progress Update
June 23, 2011, 2:30 AM
Filed under: Magic Knight Rayearth, Otakon, Progress

Through the last few days I’ve been primarily working on Hikaru and running personal errands. My bike — my primary means of transportation that doesn’t involve bumming a ride — completely broke down to the point where even the sketchiest of pawn shops rejected it’s mangled corpse. I was fortunate enough to be able to get a new bike shortly thereafter, but as such spent most of the day either working to get said bike or enjoying the brand new glory of my shiny pink girlytastic freedom.

All that said, I have gotten a fair amount of progress done on Hikaru. Since my last post, she has gone from a white skirt and a messy red dress to something resembling the character. The dress now has the black pleather decorative stripe around the bottom and sleeves have been added. The sleeves themselves ended up not being made of dancewear material after all, but instead a sort of shiny black remnant substance that I can only speculate was originally intended as lining. It has the correct level of shine for the sleeves in the artwork and I had enough of it to serve it’s purpose, so that’s what I went with, for better or worse.

The capelet is also coming along. Right now it’s just the white collar part and the red drape, but now that I’ve done the pleather stripe on the dress the cape should prove comparatively easy. The belt is mostly done, too; all the pouches have been made and are attached at the top to the belt base and will likely be hot-glued down to make sure they don’t flap around. Closures are in the process of being added so the belt and pouches will stay closed. I have also added a snap in the front of the dress that secures the top of the split to the belt so the both the belt and the dress stay in the correct position.

Other than that, minor things have been touched upon. I tested how the shoes look and feel confident the Keds and spats will work fine. The bangs on the wig have been fluffed slightly but I’m still waiting on my extensions from Amphigory to make my braid. I may or may not add another white skirt to add extra fluff and to cover up the messy top of the old skirt.